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As your local Go-To countertop installers in North Carolina.

We select our products from a vast selection of the finest marble, travertine, and granite materials imported exclusively from Brazil. Our team have an eye for design, attention to detail and a relentless dedication to ensure full satisfaction to our clients.


Natural Stones

The unique character and shading of natural stone bring vibrant energy to your home. Unlike ceramic and porcelain tiles which have a repetitive pattern, natural stone has an extraordinary endless pattern that will bring life to your home.


To prevent staining, we recommend sealing your natural stone with a water based sealer. With regular cleaning and immediate removal of spilled liquids your natural stone will continue to look brand new for several years. Do not use any products containing high levels of ammonia to clean the stone. Use only warm water or non acidic products to clean your natural stone.


The best stone to use as a kitchen counter top would be either a granite or a natural quartzite. Granite and Quartzite are categorized the same when it comes to hardness. These products are heat, scratch, and stain resistant. Marbles and travertine’s are better suitable in the bathrooms, because they tend to be more porous.

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